I am a freelance photographer based near Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire. My interest in photography began with borrowing my father's camera as a teenager and I started by taking pictures of landscapes and outdoor activities such as sailing and paragliding. Although I still enjoy photographing a wide range of subjects, over the last fifteen years I have focussed more and more on wildlife. Most of my photography is very close to home; we are lucky to have a garden full of wildlife and my most successful hide is the living room with the window open. The local coastline is another favourite area and I've spent many hours exploring in my sea kayak. The kayak has some obvious drawbacks as a photographic platform, but it's ideal for getting close to the seabirds and seals and I love the low viewpoint. Sailing trips to the west coast provide a change of scene and many more photographic opportunities.


My work has been used in books, calendars, greetings cards and brochures. Images and illustrated articles have been published in a wide variety of magazines, including photographic, wildlife, countryside, regional, yachting, walking and in-flight magazines.

The main picture library representing my work is RSPB Images
For more images of birds and other wildlife see  www.rspb-images.com 

Environmental Consultancy

My degree is in Zoology and I previously worked for the Nature Conservancy Council. I still undertake occasional work as an environmental consultant, both report writing and survey work.

I have many years experience of seabird surveys and am fully accredited by JNCC to provide training in European Seabirds at Sea (ESAS) survey methods. Courses can be arranged at any suitable location; please contact me if you would like to discuss the options.

ESAS training

Surveyors on ESAS training course